1. DocuWeeks 2012: Second Week Brings Magic, Memories, Complex Tragedies and Natives’ Adversities


    The second week of the 2012 DocuWeeks showcase begins today, which means the event is opening up to West Coast documentary fans. Los Angeles gets its first crop of the IDA-selected Oscar-qualifying titles, while New York City moves on to a second batch. Looking at it from outside both cities, it might be confusing to define. Technically it’s NYC’s second week but L.A.’s first week. As a former New Yorker, I’m prone to focus on that city’s schedule.

    Again, I haven’t seen all of the nonfiction films offered up in the series, and I’m saving at least one doc that’s hitting L.A. today for next week, when it switches to the NYC venue. I’d actually completely limit my scope in this preview to only look at the new NYC titles if it weren’t for a single short film that is only playing L.A. Still, I’ll try not to stretch this post out too long.

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