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    Sun Come Up is an Academy Award® nominated film that shows the human face of climate change. The film follows the relocation of the Carteret Islanders, a community living on a remote island chain in the South Pacific Ocean, and now, some of the world’s first environmental refugees. 

    When climate change threatens their survival, the islanders face a painful decision. They must leave their ancestral land in search of a new place to call home. Sun Come Up follows a group of young islanders as they search for land and build relationships in war-torn Bougainville, 50 miles across the open ocean. 

    Sun Come Up was made with generous support from Chicken and Egg Pictures, the Jerome Foundation, NYSCA, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Fork Films, Uncommon Pictures and individual donations from family and friends.

    For all inquiries, please email info@suncomeup.com

    This movie made me all teary.  Life can be rich and beautiful without capitalism without retail therapy without all that stuff that just makes us more lonely and isolated.  I couldn’t help think of Dubai and that ridiculous map of sand islands… too bad no one is helping these folks in any meaningful way.  I’m sure they’ve viewed by many if not most as ignorant savage types.  I think they’re lucky to have had the life they had and my heart breaks for them having to leave their paradise.  This beautiful 39 min film is available to see now on HBO.

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