1. Docs in Theaters: “Blinky & Me” “Dear Mandela” “Diana Vreeland” “Doctored” “Electoral Dysfunction” “Head Games” “Hellbound?” “How to Survive a Plague” “Knuckleball!” “Three Stars”


    This is a bit ridiculous, I know. The other day, in a necessary mid-week edition of Docs in Theaters, I mentioned that there were at least five other new documentary releases opening today. Turns out there are ten. Double digits. In addition to the two that opened Wednesday. And there are probably others that I don’t know about opening other than in NYC.

    I’ve seen two of the eleven, and I love them both. So, starting today, I’m going to begin the Docs in Theaters posts with any docs I’ve personally seen and can comment on, and then everything else will be in alphabetical order.

    And then of course there are all the other docs in theaters, including the significantly expanding films Step Up to the Plate, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, Beauty is Embarrassing, Samsara, Side by Side, Searching for Sugar Man and Wild Horse, Wild Ride.

    A lot of film fests this week, too. Those screening docs include Fantastic Fest [9/20-9/27], Atlanta Docufest [9/20-9/23], DMZ DOCS Korean International Documentary [9/21-9/27], Hamburg [9/27-10/6], Helsinki [9/20-9/30], Dietrich [9/21-10/4],  Chesapeake [9/21-9/23], Port Townsend [9/21-9/23], Tri Continental [9/7-9/23], Trinidad + Tobago [9/19-10/2], Global Peace [9/18-9/23], Montreal Black [9/19-9/30], and Syracuse University Human Rights [9/20-9/22].

    Read up on the ten new theatrical releases followed by the weekly list of docs still in cinemas after the jump.

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