1. Long-Awaited Documentary “56 Up” Hits U.S. Theaters in January


    I don’t always get around to posting about release date announcements, but this is a film a lot of us documentary fans have been waiting to hear about for a while now. 56 Up is the latest installment of Michael Apted’s popular, groundbreaking and highly influential UP film series, which began with Seven Up! in 1964 and has spawned six other feature-length episodes, one produced every seven years as the filmmaker has revisited the lives of about a dozen British people. Apparently all but one of the original subjects is back at age 56.

    This new — and possibly final — entry into the series debuted on UK television back in May, as three one-hour parts. The series’ U.S. distributor, First Run Features, has just announced it will open the doc theatrically in America on January 4, 2013. First stop will be NYC’s IFC Center, and then a national expansion will follow.

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