1. Docs in Theaters: “The Iran Job” “Photographic Memory” “Prosecution of an American President” “Split” “Two Years at Sea” and “Whisper to a Roar”


    This week’s new theatrical releases for documentary look like what you tend to find opening less than a month before a presidential election. There are a couple dealing with U.S. politicians (Split and The Prosecution of an American President), a couple about democracy (Split and A Whisper to a Roar) and a couple involving the Middle East (A Whisper to a Roar and The Iran Job).

    Then there are the two less timely, more timeless docs (Photographic Memory and Two Years at Sea), which at least connect to another (Split) in that they’re continuations of previous films. Well, Photographic Memory, which is the only one of these I’ve seen, is just the continued autobiographically based career of Ross McElwee.

    Add to that Wednesday’s opener, the Rick Springfield doc, An Affair of the Heart, which expands today to Bend, OR. And Downeast, which is finishing up a special run in Boston this weekend. Other major expansions include last week’s new releases, The House I Live In (DC/L.A./Chicago) and Decoding Deepak (five new cities), as well as How to Survive a Plague (nine more screens), The Other Dream Team (twelve more screens) and 5 Broken Cameras.

    Festivals featuring documentaries this week include Hot Springs Documentary [10/14-10/23]; Antenna Documentary [10/10-10/14]; New York [9/28-10/14]; Hawaii International [10/11-10/21]; Vancouver International [9/27-10/12]; Flagstaff Mountain [10/10-10/14]; Twin Cities [10/12-10/20]; Eugene International [10/18-10/21]; Orlando [10/17-10/21]; Heartland [10/18-10/27]; and  Unspoken [10/17-10/21].

    Read up on the six new theatrical releases followed by the weekly list of docs still in cinemas after the jump.

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