1. Don’t miss HARVEST OF EMPIRE!

    We’ll only have it up for two weeks of free streaming.

    HARVEST OF EMPIRE is a documentary that examines the role that U.S. military and corporate intervention in Latin America played in triggering massive waves of migration from Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.  Based on the groundbreaking book by journalist Juan González of Democracy Now!, the film also offers a powerful glimpse into the enormous sacrifices and rarely noted triumphs of the millions of Latino immigrants who are transforming the nation’s cultural, economic and political landscape.  Featuring rarely-seen newsreel footage and perspectives from notable U.S. and international leaders, this film will appeal to all those who have an opinion about immigration.


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    Oct 16 12:11PM
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      As a latino I encourage you guys to check out this documentary. Especially if you have that false stereotypical image...
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