1. Announcing the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival

    by Emily Buder

    The ever-changing landscape of digital film distribution may seem daunting to the untrained eye, but it is rife with opportunity for both emerging and established filmmakers to have their voices heard. We’ve finally bid farewell to the old paradigm; in 2013, a filmmaker doesn’t have to be a wealthy, well-connected industry mogul with proven box-office success. To be a filmmaker in today’s digital democracy, you need only the most important elements: passion, dedication, and a story that needs to be told.

    At SnagFilms, we’re committed to giving powerful films, large and small, a platform on which to be seen by audiences worldwide and of all socio-economic statuses. Part of honoring this mission involves supporting this ideology wherever we see it catching fire.

    Today, we’re proud to announce that the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival is now live. The first festival of its kind, UGPFF is a live, interactive, global online short film festival that spans December 13-29 and features filmmakers from 23 countries.

    Exclusive offline screening events will be held in conjunction with the festival in London, Los Angeles, Singapore, New York City, Toronto, New Zealand, Atlanta and Kansas. The core of festival events will be streamed online December 13-15. Immediately following the events, the festival films and web series will be available to stream for free via SnagFilms online viewing platform: www.snagfilms.com/ugpff.

    SnagFilms believes in the power of film festivals as a platform for exciting new creators. The Unofficial Google Plus Film Festival takes it up another level with its innovative global format. We are proud to continue our own tradition of supporting emerging artists by partnering our social viewing platform with an interactive online festival.  

    — Damian Benders, SVP of Programming & Marketing at SnagFilms.

    Participate in or view the festival online now.


    Dec 13 11:28AM