1. Cha ching! 42 new iPad titles, just for you. Because we love you.

    We get hundreds of emails a week from you all suggesting new titles for our site and our app.  Those emails don’t go unread. (Obviously, since we reply to all of them!)

    Here are some titles you asked for that we delivered earlier this week:

    1.    Angels and Demons (The documentary) 

    2.    Best Evidence - Episode 1 

    3.    Best Evidence - Episode 2 

    4.    Best Evidence - Top 10 UFO Sightings 

    5.    Breathing Lessons 

    6.    Bullets in The Hood 

    7.    California’s Most Haunted 

    8.    Chicken Ranch 

    9.    Da Vinci Code Decoded 

    10. Everything’s Fine 

    11. Four Lives

    12. Great Museums- China

    13.Great Museums-RRR

    14. In Between Days

    15. The Killing of a Chinese Cookie

    16. Maybe Logic

    17. Meadowlark

    18. More Than A Game

    19. On Concrete in Seattle

    20. Our Arctic Challenge

    21. PackRat

    22. Real Ghost Stories

    23. Searching Siberia

    24. Secret Fear

    25. Sneaker Confidential

    26. SoLa: Louisiana Water StoriesSolidbodies

    27. Splitting Hairs

    28. Superfight: Marciano vs. Ali

    29. Tales of The Unexplained: Creatures of the Night

    30. The Best Part of Everything

    31. The Gits

    32.The Jaundiced Eye

    33.The Open Road

    34. Sally Gross - The Pleasure of Stillness

    35. The Secret Identity of Jack the Ripper

    36.Toyarisch I am Not Dead

    37. Training Rules

    38. TrollyWood

    39.What’s The Matter with Kansas?

    40. When I Came Home

    41. Wine Confidential

    42. Zac Efron

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