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    From 1993 until 2010, Bryant Park was the home of New York Fashion week. For one week in February and one week in September, Bryant was covered with tents as it was transformed into a Mecca for fashion.  During these two weeks each year, America’s top designers gathered to show their new lines for the upcoming season.  Designers who have shown at Bryant Park include Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and so many more.  For all aspiring fashion designers, the chance to show at Bryant Park was a dream come true.  It meant that the designer had finally made it in the world of fashion.  In 2010, New York Fashion week moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center.  The same excitement still surrounds the event of Fashion Week, even though the new location does not hold the same history and meaning as Bryant Park had.

    James Belzar’s new documentary, The Tents, takes a behind the scenes look at New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park.  This documentary discusses the evolution of fashion week at Bryant Park.  From the beginning, the audience will be able to see the struggles and triumphs of New York Fashion Week, and will understand all the work that went into making this event such a success.  This documentary also gives audiences an inside look at New York Fashion Week through interviews with designers and the people who run the event. It’s not all the glitz and glam you might think it is…

    The Tents will premiere in September to kick off this year’s Fashion Week.


    Maggie Pearce

    SnagFilms Staff Blogger

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