1. The Evolution of the Bond Car

    One of the greatest things about the 007 film franchise has ALWAYS been the cars.
    With the all the excitement around the new Bond movie, Skyfall, car dealership Evan Shalshaw decided to create an awesome website showcasing the timeline of an ultra-cool man’s ultra-cool cars.
    What’s YOUR favorite Bond car?


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    Nov 21 9:30AM
  2. Snag Apps Everywhere!

    More good news…. We just launched a new app for Google TV featuring 500+ films that is available to download from Google Play. Check it out!


    Sep 14 8:56AM
  3. A Snagster’s Take on Telluride

    For narrative films, I thoroughly enjoyed both A Royal Affair and The Hunt, two films starring Danish actor Mads Mikkelson (who was honored at the festival) as well as Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha and Michael Haneke’s Amour.

    For documentaries, I was appropriately infuriated after seeing The Central Park Five by Sarah Burns (and her father Ken Burns). This excellent film exposes corruption in the New York City criminal justice system which coerced and falsely tried five boys for a crime they didn’t commit, sending them to prison for nearly fifty years collectively.

    I also thought The Gatekeepers was an important historical documentas these directors of Shin Bet, the super-secret Israeli intelligence organization, had never before talked publicly. (Although I was not as convinced of their omniscience as my Zionistic father.)

    Telluride is beautiful and the festival was like film camp so I’m sad it’s over.


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    Sep 05 3:56PM
  4. Cha ching! 42 new iPad titles, just for you. Because we love you.

    We get hundreds of emails a week from you all suggesting new titles for our site and our app.  Those emails don’t go unread. (Obviously, since we reply to all of them!)

    Here are some titles you asked for that we delivered earlier this week:

    1.    Angels and Demons (The documentary) 

    2.    Best Evidence - Episode 1 

    3.    Best Evidence - Episode 2 

    4.    Best Evidence - Top 10 UFO Sightings 

    5.    Breathing Lessons 

    6.    Bullets in The Hood 

    7.    California’s Most Haunted

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    Jul 14 1:50PM
  5. 10 Great Indies!

    Simply put, an indie film is any film that is not produced by a major film studio.  Most indie films go unnoticed by most people.  However, there is a significant amount of indie films that do well and that people love.  Here is a list of ten great favorite indie films.

    1) Juno:  The sarcastic, yet lovable Juno finds herself in trouble when she learns that she is pregnant.  Determining that she does not wish to become a teen mother, she sets out to find the perfect family to raise her child.  This is a heartwarming film, accompanied by an excellent soundtrack. 

    2) Garden State:  Zach Braff wrote, directed, and starred in this film about a young man who returns home for his mother’s funeral and meets a young woman who helps him to discover who he is.  This film also is accompanied by a great, Grammy-award-winning, soundtrack.   

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    Jul 12 2:54PM
  6. How many films have we put on Roku?

    With news of our films on Roku recently released, a lot of people were asking us via twitter, facebook and email which titles are available on the device. Well, as of now there are 150 (500 by mid summer 2011), and here they are!

    3 Points 

    A Summer In the Cage

    Agile Mobile Hostile

    Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

    Alicia in Africa: Journey to the Motherland

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