1. Does Making Books into Movies Ruin the Magic? — A Look at Harry Potter and Other Books-to-Blockbusters

    With the final installment to the Harry Potter movie franchise coming out last Friday to so much hype and excitement, then breaking just about every record in blockbuster history, it makes one wonder about the motivations filmmakers have behind recreating the world’s favorite novels and turn them into the world’s favorite blockbusters—looking closer, you realize how brave they have to be. This is because along with some of these recreations that can be considered true masterpieces (The Godfather, A Beautiful Mind, Gone With the Wind, Forrest Gump…), there also comes a number of flops and letdowns.

    While these films, like Gone With the Wind, have shaped generations and will remain a classic gem until the end of time (whether you think the ending is horrible or not), it seems that recently books are being turned into movies simply because they already have popular appeal and not because they have true merit on their own (enter Twilight, apologies to all the “Twi-hards” out there). And when some great books are turned into so-so movies, some of the initial magic that the books carried can be stripped away from them.

    This is what is worrisome about the conclusive chapter of Harry Potter being released into theaters. It’s always hard to end a series of beloved stories, book or movie, but for book-blockbusters the job may be even more difficult because it has to live up to an ending that had no “film appropriate” time limit—an ending that had already been scrutinized and accepted by millions. The slightest change in the ending could create mass hysteria in a way that is quite the opposite from the positive press it had been previously receiving. So this begs the question: can the “boy who lived” survive a mob of angry loyalists if the ending isn’t pitch perfect? 


    Emily Catino

    SnagFilms Staff Blogger

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