1. Can’t wait for Tales from the Organ Trade to come out on HBO next year? Check out what goes on in the world of Iranian kidney trade right here.


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    Nov 19 11:45AM
  2. New Rolling Stones Doc Premiering on HBO Tomorrow

    "Sometime in 1967, the Rolling Stones stopped playing the part of a dark, angry band on the edge and became one. … Crammed with classic and previously unseen archival footage, Crossfire Hurricane is more visceral cultural seminar than detail-laden term paper. With no distracting talking heads or cynical nods to later, lesser efforts, it’s a nifty, loose chronicle of the first 10 years of the group’s existence.” — Sara Smith, The Kansas City Star

    Crossfire Hurricane premieres at 9 p.m. EST Thursday on HBO.


    Nov 14 5:00PM
  3. Tonight is the premiere of “About Face” on HBO. The film provides an insightful overview of the evolution of modeling since the 1940s.

    Modeling is about beauty and perceptions of beauty. During the 1980s, especially, we were bombarded with images of women who society felt displayed the high standard of beauty. Given that the images of models have become so ubiquitous and that models have become public figures, it is important to consider implications. Specifically, how has the evolution of the modeling industry impacted young people?

    Picture perfect seeks to answer this question. Make sure to watch it before or after (or instead of) About Face.


    Jul 30 2:48PM
  4. thecharlottelu:

    I haven’t managed to see the full film yet, but just the trailer makes me tear up.

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    Jul 25 3:52PM