1. A Prescription for the Summer Blockbuster Blues? 1 Doc + 2 Indies = Ahhhhhhh…

    For anyone who wants to break away from their troubles, lives, or the heat this summer, these three films will provide for an easy escape and a lasting satisfaction that they have successfully dodged the frustratingly expected summer 2011 blockbusters.

    The documentary about Conan O’Brien’s highly speculated-upon departure from NBC takes one man’s worst nightmare and transforms it into a dream movie for any “Team Coco” loyal, or really anyone who likes to laugh. What makes this film such a must-see is that even when he’s low, he just can’t stop being himself—his self-deprecating, goofy, hilarious, unconventional self that has proven his great worth, no matter how many times he claims otherwise. Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop appears the perfect mind-number (in a good way) this summer.

    How many times has there been a movie about a teenage kid who is angsty, wants to lose his virginity, and is adorably/hilariously misunderstood? Well, a lot actually, yet somehow the trailer for Submarine makes all the others disappear from memory. It could be the main character’s British accent, or even the fact that he has a deep appreciation for filmmakers, but this quirky comedy seems to be devoid of all the boring raunchiness that inevitably follows this genre of film. It is an exciting enigma that shouldn’t be ignored.

    The description, trailer, and the sneak peaks released from The Names of Love certainly defy any type of plots or films that are being released these days. It’s different and ridiculous and unrealistic—it’s French—but that’s also what makes it so appealing. True, it will probably end like a typical Rom-Com, but it’s an ending that will be worth seeing. And is a happily ever after for an unlikely romance really that bad? Based on the trailer, this film may make an honest good film out of a romantic comedy.

    (Source: snagfilms.com)


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    Jul 05 1:39PM