1. A SnagFilms Review: “What Price Fame?”

    It really hurts sometimes to watch as celebrities complain and moan about the trials and tribulations that have accompanied their stardom. And that is exactly what portions of What Price Fame? seems to be about. This documentary seems to hover between a how-to-guide to become a celebrity, to being judgmental, to at the same time admiring those who risk their privacy for the sake of the huddled masses.

    Blessed appear the early days of stardom, when there was no jealousy and no desire to see those fans seem to revere stripped of their dignity in the public eye. The look back at the early days of Hollywood portrayed in this film provides the answer to the question of why those days are considered, under the frame of nostalgia, to be a Golden Age, and why that time will likely never come again: recognition on that scale had never before been seen or achieved, and the luster wore off, as it does with nearly all highly coveted things.
    America could be the only logical place for an establishment such as Hollywood, where being mistaken for someone famous feels almost as good as being deserving of fame yourself. After all, the “celebre-crazies” appeared in the early days in places like Paris and London too, but it seems that over there it has been able to be self-regulating, especially in comparison to the U.S. Is it because fame is to inspiring imagination as America is to the “American Dream” that this country has been given the responsibility as keeper of the stars?

     <— Yup, them.


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    Jul 06 11:05AM